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Welcome to the University of Maine Proposal Approval Routing System (PARS)
PARS Renovations
Over the next few months PARS will be undergoing some changes. Revisions are being made based on the recommendations of an in-house committee and will be introduced gradually. Several sections will be re-organized and questions that are no longer relevant will be eliminated. The basic "look and feel" will be the same but more streamlined. We hope this will result in an easier to use, more intuitive system. Since these changes are being implemented while the system is live, please let us know if you experience problems with PARS or discover bugs in the renovated screens. Our apologies in advance for the inconvenience.
 Proposal Submission Policy & Timeline (PDF)
All PARS account holders are required to complete the UMS Conflict of Interest Training course offered by CITI. For more information, please review the memo UMaine Conflicts of Interest Training Requirements (PDF). Complete instructions and a link to the course are available at: http:/LoginPARSInstructionsCOI.htm
Prior to routing a proposal to approvers it must be assigned a submission number by ORSP. The number will be assigned when the preparer and their ORSP Grants and Contracts Specialist have finalized the proposal budget.
Please download and use the latest version of the ORSP budget spreadsheet.
We have recently upgraded the budget spreadsheet format from the 97-2003 version (.xls) to the Excel Workbook version(.xlsx)
For more information about submitting proposals and managing awards please visit the
ORSP website.

Important: For security reasons the semicolon(;) and double dash (--) characters cannot be used in your responses to PARS questions.

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